Seasonal Garden Maintenance, Plants Can Thrive

You have to pay attention to seasonal garden maintenance as best you can so that it remains fertile. The seasonal garden contains various types of plants that only grow in certain seasons. Therefore, you have to pay attention to it as best you can so you don’t die.

Seasonal Garden Maintenance, Plants Can Thrive

Seasonal Garden Maintenance Tips

The following are some tips that you can pay attention to for good seasonal garden maintenance.

Watch the Watering

You can water the plants in the morning or at night. This has the goal that the plants get an adequate supply of water during the day.

When watering, you also have to do it evenly. This is because watering plants evenly can increase the growth process.

Even though you have to water it evenly, that doesn’t mean it’s excessive. You should only water the plants sparingly because of the high risk of inviting various types of diseases.

Clean the Grass

Apart from paying attention to the watering process, you also need to clean the grass that grows around the plants. Growing grass can interfere with plants so that their development slows down.

Regarding how to deal with grass, you can uproot or trim it. Alternatively, you can cover the planting medium with gravel.

This method can not only prevent grass from growing but also make the land look tidier. Home gardening that you have can look beautiful.


It’s no longer a secret that fertilization is very important in seasonal garden maintenance. Even so, don’t apply too much fertilizer because it can kill the plant.

In providing fertilizer, you also need to adjust the type of the plant. Don’t let plant growth slow down because you get inappropriate fertilizer.

Anticipate Pests

Pests can be a nuisance to the plants you plant in your garden, so you need to avoid them as best you can. One way to anticipate pests is to do crop rotation.

In this case, you can grow many different types of crops in one season. You can do this crop rotation regularly so that there are no pest nests.

Alternatively, you can optimize the location and conditions of the plants. The way is to pay attention to sunlight.

You have to make sure all types of plants get enough sun exposure. This sunlight can help plants to carry out photosynthesis.

Thanks to photosynthesis, plants can get their food properly. The nutritional content needed by plants can be fulfilled optimally.

After listening to the description above, you can find out about seasonal garden maintenance. You can do your best for the growth of plants.