Vertical Gardening Ideas, Suitable For Limited Land

You can use vertical gardening ideas as inspiration to make it look unique and attractive. But before that, make sure you know the meaning first. Vertical gardening is a garden that is deliberately made perpendicular or planted on vertical land.

Vertical Gardening Ideas, Suitable For Limited Land

Most Popular Vertical Gardening Ideas

For those of you who have narrow land, you don’t need to hesitate to apply the vertical gardening concept. This is because the vertical gardening technique is indeed able to make the best use of limited land.

Interestingly, home gardening with a vertical concept can also be a means of green space. That way, its function is indeed diverse.

It’s just that you don’t carelessly apply this garden concept. In order not to go wrong, you can look at some of the ideas below.

Use Cedar Wood

You need to know that vertical gardening can be applied indoors or outdoors. When you want to display the concept, actually several things can be used.

One of these things is using cedar wood. Design the cedar wood in such a way that it forms a plank.

Then on the board, you can attach ornamental plants and pots. It will look prettier if the pot has the same color as the flowers of the ornamental plants.

Implementing Hydroponics

You can also do vertical gardening by applying the hydroponic concept. As we know that this concept is closely related to water.

You don’t need to hesitate to try this one idea because it has many advantages. One of the advantages is that it does not require a lot of land.

Another advantage is the appearance of vertical gardening can display an increasingly attractive aesthetic impression. This makes anyone inspired to participate in making it.

Regarding the type of plant, you can show not only flowers but also fruits, vegetables and herbs. Starting from petunias, strawberries, parsley, spinach, and many more.

Use Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are also one of the interesting vertical gardening ideas for you to follow. When you try this one idea, of course, it can not only give a beautiful impression but also be simple.

You can hang pots and plants with the most attractive arrangement possible. It will feel even prettier if the pot has a uniform color.

However, if you want to display multiple colors, it’s fine. But classify the colors so they don’t mix.

Vertical gardening ideas are diverse. You can choose it so that the appearance of home gardening is more attractive.