Butterfly-friendly Gardens, Create a Fun Atmosphere

Butterfly-friendly gardens certainly add an interesting impression. If you have a garden that is often infested by butterflies, it will certainly make the atmosphere feel more alive. No need to be confused about how to do it because there are many tips that you can follow.

Butterfly-friendly Gardens, Create a Fun Atmosphere

Tips For Butterfly-friendly Gardens

No need to wait any longer, below are some complete butterfly-friendly garden tips for you. Make sure you oil well.

Full Sun Location

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the location. Butterflies certainly don’t perch anywhere, so you have to choose an appropriate garden location.

In this case, you can choose a place with full sun. Butterflies love these places so you shouldn’t ignore them.

For placement, you can choose a garden on the side, front or back of the house. The land doesn’t have to be wide, just make sure you get enough sun exposure. Butterflies take advantage of sunlight to warm their bodies.

Create a Puddle

You need to know that butterflies will come to the garden after it rains. This is because the butterfly wants to drink or extract minerals from the soil.

For the butterflies to return to the garden, you’d better create a pool of water. In addition, try to keep the soil moist.

Prepare a Rest Area

In the garden, you don’t only need to plant various types of ornamental plants but also prepare a resting place. For example, large rocks, benches, chairs, trellis or obelisks.

With this resting place, of course, the butterflies will feel safe and comfortable in your garden. On the other hand, this place can also add to the aesthetic appearance of your garden.

Right In Choosing Flowers

If you want to plant different types of flowers in the garden, make sure to choose them correctly. You should choose ornamental plants that have flowers that are wide and flat.

These flowers can not only make it easier for butterflies to get nectar but also a place to rest. The butterfly will sit while feeding on the flower.

In choosing flowers, it’s good if you also choose a variety of colors. This will add a more attractive and aesthetic impression to your garden.

If you are interested in creating butterfly-friendly gardens, don’t hesitate to follow the tips above. Surely the home gardening that you have can be an inspiration for others. Therefore, follow and see how it goes. Impressive.