Selection of Ornamental Grasses in Gardens, Beautify Home Yard

Ornamental grasses in gardens are able to beautify a garden, whether it’s a garden at home or a yard somewhere else. The garden is one of the fresh living spaces and is able to provide a calmer atmosphere. Usually, parks are not only on school premises, but parks can also be in the yard.

The existence of a park can provide space for activities on weekends and free time after a day’s activities. The existence of a garden can be used for playing, studying, and enjoying music with friends and family. Of course, a beautiful garden needs to be taken care of properly. This is so that beauty is maintained and also more fit.

Usually in this garden, there will be several plants and herbs to beautify and complement it. For those of you who want a modern garden, you can try to survive the types of grass that will be discussed in this article.

Selection of Ornamental Grasses in Gardens, Beautify Home Yard

Contemporary Types of Ornamental Grasses in Gardens

There are many types of garden ornamental grasses that you can choose for your yard. Each type of grass certainly gives a different impression. Likewise the placement of each type of grass.

You need to remember, even if you put some grass plants in the garden, you don’t adjust the type of grass in the garden that you make, this is just a waste. Therefore, adjust to your garden design.

Thus, the impression of the park is more aesthetic and does not diminish it. Immediately, here are some of the most popular and popular types of ornamental grasses in gardens.

Japanese Grass

Ornamental grass called Japanese grass is certainly familiar to some people. This ornamental grass has the characteristics of short size, rough texture, and pointed leaf tips resembling needles. The growth of this type of grass tends to be slow. So you don’t need to trim it often.

This Japanese grass can grow thick quickly and maintenance is not difficult. You have to water this ornamental plant only twice a day in the morning. Not only that, Japanese grass also requires fertilizer and you can apply fertilizer twice a month. Give fertilizer only in moderation, because if you give too much fertilizer the grass stems can rot.

Manila Grass

The second recommendation for ornamental grasses in gardens is the type of Manila grass that you can use to beautify your garden. Yes, this grass comes from the Philippines. This type of grass can grow in both tropical and subtropical climates. Manila grass leaves have a sharp, narrow, and thin shape. The stems can also be curved and can usually grow up to 2-5 cm long.

Kentucky Grass

Kentucky grass originates from the European region. In its native range, this grass prefers cool places to grow. Even so, you can plant this Kentucky grass at home with direct sunlight or shade. The shape of this type of grass is that the ends of the leaves are slightly blunt like a boat.

You can choose one of the ornamental grasses in gardens above to add a green impression to your home garden. It doesn’t matter if you want to mix two or three types of grass. However, the most important thing is to make sure to always provide care.