The Role of Garden in Creating a Fresh Atmosphere – Hi, friends! For those who like to spend time in beautiful green parks, you must have felt how refreshing the atmosphere created by these parks is. Parks are not just open areas with grass and trees, but have a much bigger role in creating a fresh and healthy atmosphere for all of us. In the garden, we can feel the warmth of sunlight, refresh ourselves with fresh air, and feel the peace that nature offers.


By exploring the natural beauty of parks, we can also enjoy various benefits for our physical and mental health. Therefore, let’s thoroughly examine the important role of gardens in creating a fresh and healthy atmosphere, and appreciate the existence of gardens as places that provide tranquility and beauty for all of us.

City Lungs that Provide Fresh Air

One of the main roles of parks is as the lungs of the city, providing fresh air for the surrounding environment. Green plants in the garden absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. This helps reduce air pollution in dense urban areas and provides fresh, healthy air to breathe.

A Relaxation Place that Calms the Mind

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of tiring daily activities, the garden is an ideal place of relaxation to calm the mind. The beautiful green atmosphere, the gurgling of the fountain, and the chirping of small birds provide a therapeutic effect that can reduce stress levels and clear the mind. It’s not surprising that many people like to spend time in the park to unwind after a long day at work.

Open Space for Activities

Parks also serve as much-needed open space in dense urban areas. Here, we can do various activities such as exercising, walking, having a picnic, or even playing with family or friends. Parks provide a safe and enjoyable space for us to move and socialize.

Natural Habitat for Wildlife

Not only beneficial for humans, parks also act as a natural habitat for various wild animals such as birds, insects and other small animals. The existence of parks helps maintain the balance of ecosystems in urban areas and preserves biodiversity.

Natural Shade that Reduces the Greenhouse Effect

Large trees in the garden not only provide comfortable shade, but also play a role in reducing the greenhouse effect. Green leaves absorb heat and reduce the effects of global warming caused by greenhouse gases. Apart from that, trees also help absorb rainwater and prevent flooding.

Air Temperature and Humidity Controller

The existence of parks in urban areas also helps control air temperature and humidity. Green plants release water vapor through the process of transpiration, which causes the air around the garden to become cooler and more humid. This is especially beneficial in hot and dry summers.

A Place to Learn about Nature

Parks are not just a place for recreation, but are also a good educational means to learn about nature. In the park, we can observe various types of plants, animals and ecosystems. This is a valuable experience for children and adults to get to know and appreciate the natural surroundings.

Increase Property Value

The presence of a beautiful and well-maintained park in an area can also increase the value of the surrounding property. Houses or apartments close to parks tend to have higher selling or rental prices because they are considered to have better environmental quality.

Creating a Friendly Environment

With the various benefits they provide, gardens help create a friendlier environment for all living things. The park becomes a refreshing green area in the middle of boring concrete buildings. This provides the balance needed to create a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Improve Mental and Physical Health

Not only does it refresh the atmosphere, parks also play a role in improving our mental and physical health. Light activity such as walking in the park can help improve body fitness. Meanwhile, the calm green atmosphere can have a relaxing effect that is good for mental health.


From the explanation above, it can be seen how important the role of parks is in creating a fresh and healthy atmosphere for all of us. Parks are not only green areas that provide fresh air, but also provide many other benefits.

This includes a place for refreshing relaxation, open space for activities, a natural habitat for wildlife, temperature and humidity control, as well as a means of education about nature. The presence of a park also has a positive impact on property values and creates a friendlier and more sustainable environment. Therefore, it is important for all of us to maintain and preserve the existence of parks around us so that we can continue to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and the benefits they provide.